Student of the Month

Arnold Jackson!

Grade 4

Buckets for Hunger

Saturday, December 19th, Funkytown Elementary will be hosting Buckets for Hunger.  Students are encouraged to participate.  Buckets for Hunger will have prizes for the winners!!!

Funkytown FunkyRun

Did you know that the Ostriches are the fastest land birds and can run at speeds up to 45 mph????


On March 31st, (last day before easter break), students will spend their afternoon classes participating in a schoolwide, one mile, FunkyRun.  Parents are welcome to watch and cheer on the students!


End of the Year Picnic!

Friday, June 11th, is a half-day and the last day of school. students will spend the first hour signing yearbooks.  After first hour, students and teachers will walk to Funkytown Park and have a picnik with relay races and hot dogs. Mr. Driver will have a karoake machine set up and will allow kids to sing and dance.  Mr. Picasso the art teacher will also be doing face painting.


There will also be an appearance by Ozzy the Funkytown Ostrich!!!